Alexa | Senior Photo Session

There’s nothing better than getting to take your fellow photographers senior photos. Absolutely nothing. This woman has such fantastic energy and such a positive attitude, I never wanted our shoot to end honestly. We walked around downtown where the sun was shining around every corner, the smell of coffee lingered outside a local cafe and we were even able to come across a fantastic 50’s mural someone had painted. I can’t wait for us to shoot together, I think we make a wonderful team. 

Lands End | San Francisco

I explored the beautiful Lands End trail on Saturday. A perfect way to start the new month if I do say so myself. I’ve always been in love with the city so it’s always nice to go and explore somewhere new. The city is only 7x7 but man does it have some great secret coves. I also finally found China Beach, I’ve been looking for it for years now, and it felt really nice being able to step foot onto it. It was everything I thought it would be. 

Ariana C. | Laloma district

This girls a dreamer, a real charmer. One of the funniest girls i’ve yet to know. In fact I don’t think i’ll meet anyone funnier than her. Its true folks. She wants to be an actress and live with tall cement buildings and the beach a walk away. Where the suns always shining and people mean business. I know she’ll make it though so there’s no worries there. 

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